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Shania Dedication

Poem I did for the adoption party of Shania Coates in May.  Taken me a wile to post it up.


Why did my friend
Take her sisters kids
When it wasn’t her problem
For those four who fell into care

It’s a no brainer she said…

Do I stop my pleasant day
As displaced Syrians cry on select news feeds
Cos farage says they aren’t our problem
‘British value of life for British people’

Queen Lizzie we bow to your royalty
Your so royal like all these celebrities
Who are so more worthy of limelight
Than me or these other statistics that live upon this unimportant globe of more statistics

How many people populate the globe of uncertainty
who goes first when the ice caps melt
our built dreams of fast cars personal palaces.
Pave the way for possible control

Has the statistic taken away
the beaten heart and mile long lungs
so We don’t see the face
but numbers which 250 000 is 250 000

and it would be impossible to see 250 000 child soldiers faces
across the statistical globe
and it would ruin the taste of my beer
and this spoken word
my little emotion would loose its rhythm
and it’s rhyme
and I might sound like I’m just talking now.

Disruption to my control I cannot cope
My beers fine if I think of those wonderous green fields of blighty
and remember we stand as a country
stand for what we stand – you know? What we stand for?

Sorry mr president
where am I meant to stand?

Family and community
throw in some well good decency.
A plan not to be trapped in our prosperity
and wallow in being guilty

This is not about feeling crap
And not enjoying the fact that we have life to enjoy
Value of all beating hearts and making our place.
We can’t all adopt or foster,

build a Kenyan orphanage, revolutionise the UN,
house the Syrian families,
bring safety to Nigerian educated girls,
be the eyes for the blind,
make wheelchairs cheap,
cure cancer or place Farage on a Sudanese farm…..
Some of us can do this maybe.

But remember the beating hearts in all beating bodies in this living world all are lives not numbers
and in this party we raise a glass not for a statistic. We raise a glass for beautiful child with a name…

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