home poem Angst


Feeling of angst is normal since memory strains
A worry a care a hope that its better than.
My faith warms me like a onesy with my veins
but I forget my faith at times as unease seeps in

Fear of being wrong taps into my path
Trepidation by voices that tap tap tap
Eventually the faucet is released
and the future is the past

Chilled laid back Zippy they whisper
Feeling unloaded in societies of unease
My face hides the occasional worries.
Hidden from opinions which strain the day

Disappear into the blessings of distraction
Latest fad becomes the attention
Maybe the fad is part of my unknowing
as I covet objects Ive never owned

Money, friends, time and decisions
Globe, Localities and armageddon.
They shout to drain my  fear
So i disappear
On a bike
and my problems haze
for later to reappear


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