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How does one know that thou is right
self aware flight with justice in sight
Faith or no faith in a pool of colour
where black and white fade to a greenish magenta

The kaleidoscope that www world seems offer
Colour and opinions with separate motivation
dramas and cocktails scream across the bar
Just not clever enough to know my own frustration

You mix a few responsibles
sometimes some impossibles
clashes against logisticals
its just sounds like syllables

Stop collaborate and listen
Vanilla Ice cools the thoughts
What can I hear
Every path a pitter patter of claws

I cant hear in the noise of personalities
and as much as love and admire the colour
I yearn for a grass is darker on the other side
Until I realise its still Green (with a hint of daisies and dandelions).

I want edgy
I want Future
I want WOW

Last line doesn’t seem to flow
As where I stand could be just fine
But it could be all wrong
We could all be wrong

But I am right!

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