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No Fear in Love

Poem from Mal & Kirsty Kelly’s Wedding….


In all to come

And all that’s gone

From darkest thoughts

Pressures of living


Cover any throbbing scars

Stuff the Skeletons back to the back

Burn the memoirs! Burn the memories!

Tarmac possibles!  Kickback the kickbacks!


Build a fortress of bubble wrapped cotton

As high as the skip upon your beating heart

Padded with extended 20 tog padding

Till you can’t breath or even fart


sit back and see the tower

Things that have become

lists you have had to achieve


or you could try another way….


In all to come

and all that;s gone

From darkest thoughts

Pressures of living


Thank the throbbing scars

Forgive the skeletons – let them dust to dust

Publish your memoirs. File your memories.

Let the world know  – you are broken and robust!


Build your bridge of love

Paved with Slabs of scribes from the Creator’s heart

Colours of nature and dreams

So you can breathe or even fart


Stand tall and see whatever together you want to see

Things that will become

Dreams and Dreams and Dreams and Dreams


There is no fear in love

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    1. Cheers Gwendo, Been thinking about you today actually. I was thinking that Charles was ahead of his time serving coffee and selling books. I can’t believe I haven’t thought about that till now. x Got to write another one now for the Geraghty’s baptism. Its like London Buses you don’t write one for years and then two come along together. x

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