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How the hell?

1999 again I think

As I ponder, ponder, ponder & ponder
Trying to make a better life
Living for others, trying to leave my own big brick.
Shudders hit and mouth spits “Ahhhh Shit”

How do you do it?
How do you get there?
Open supernatural venues
and can’t look at cash flows

Vision linked up moments
in international urban dreams
How the hell? How?

Im excited then I’m flat
Im just gutted

Can I just suss out the way
or have I got the bollocks to say
“Mr Branson, give us the cash”.

How do you plan a week
when we unite in the streets
A vision of like minded armies
moving through the cities
Knocking down oppositions
Breathing fire and passion
To make a difference in this wasted world.

DO you pray and fast in a field in Bangladesh
Asking the sky for a plan to go further
Speaking languages for non stop days
before going back to your normal lives

Hoping that a star will come from the sky
and transform all from your everyday lives
and also just be simple.

I share to friends of a plan for the end
their eyebrow bump up to the ceilings
They give me ideas on how to go this way
My eyebrow raises higher

How do you do it?


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