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My Friends

I think this is another turn of the millennium poem.  Felt like thinking was changing which I still think we are heading to the next stages now….

Weird, eccentric & ignored by the passers

Walking through the streets alone
thinking to a new area of capability & direction

You are a tankless dribbling swordsman in the gathering army of justice based offenders.
Own right individual anti-clone controversial airhead
who is sometime outgoing then Hellooooooo?

I love the way you dance the way you wanna dance
Walk the way you wanna walk
Chit chat the chat you wanna chat
I love you
No Im not a flaky git who says cute, sweetie or luvvy puppies
but when I stare and look at what you are, what you stand for & who you are
The words come “I love you”

Cos I want to help you fulfil your dreams you freak
the dreams you’ve always wanted to dream,

Even though they kiss their teeth and stare you down
frown their disapproval
backchat your whole being
Shit in your face with nice little english words
Make Mocks of all you believe and base your life

Want is here to be your fellow swordsman
Laugh out loud as you shout the Psalm of David
Proclaiming that you get pissed off with Lord
cos its easier if we shag and swear
and not bloody care…

Love to see that time after you have spoken
when mockers run with fear
seeing there is more than the right readings
and heavy intense breathings

We have to understand More and more
See all the different streets we can take more and more

There will always be deeper depth
even though we feel overwhelming drowning
Our mindset are constant blown
our twitch today will be normal tomorrow

Lot of heavy freaking BOOO!

My viewing Public
Speedup your piss passing
Get with my misunderstood offending friends
They are not perfect
They may not be right
They may be extremely frustrating
But they want to fight

Walk away and make people happy
act British and quietly sip tea
Walk away and settle down
Keep your free thursday evening and your daisy grins

For we will be who we are!

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