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Jesus is Batman, no no no that was Bruce Wayne

This is a poem I think from 1998.  Was inspired by Black Grape tune. Was think was images of God people had I think.

Big bearded wrinkled grandpa
33yrs and on a cross in Bethlehem
Sitting on a cloud playing his harp
or in a stretch limo checking his angel chart

I a box thats opened on Sundays
sleepy giant that wakes on religious holidays
big belly Santa that winds up toys
Mr Swarzneggar “Ill be back with a 57″ magnum TO KICK DEMONS TO HELLLLLLL”

Big bright shining light that you never understand
A dodgy prince sort of guy that sing hymns in Latin
Gizmo the Mogwie that fights the gremlins of Lucifer
Matt Le Tissier, Alan Shearer
better than Pele and come from Columbia

Voice in the cloud that screams “DON’T BE BAD, BE GOOD”
Robert Powell lookalike that wears sandals from C&A
Rustafarian bad boy that like to dance ballet.

Your Image is nothing
Your thirst is everything
Drink Sprite.

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