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Russ is 50!

the cyclist with the beret was born
the year of social unrest
as we celebrate his fiftieth
‘1968 apathy’ tries to resurrect and infest

68 saw the passing of a spokesman
M L King left after delivering his dream
They tried to finish 2018’s advocate
but today Malala bullet missed the educated brain

Malala then moved to the Midlands

where in 68, Enoch Powell spit rivers of blood
Immigration became front page news
with the hashtags now trending in our feed
68 – Black panthers – Vietnam
18 – Black lifes matter – Afghanistan
68 – French students barricades in bordeaux
18 – cold campers Occupy our cities
injustice rises –
Always we must fight
Blankets of apathy disappear
when there are rising  banners of unite
war  love
hunger love
greed love
We communicated wrongly and rightly trying to find our like minded people
Music Art punk jazz and speed
Hipsters, goths, metal heads and glee
youtubers, djs  catwalks and bloggers
hippies, mods, tattoos & protesters
in a town within a town within a town within a town
Bonded by meet ups hashtags music and taste
We cut down our plastic waste
and dance, chat, plan, and make haste
take down numbers, handles and likes
Compare notes, tunes & bikes
Scream what pisses you off
and your passions that keep you up at night
For this is happy birthday
to DJ cyclist – the white spike lee fashion guru
and for all his strange conversation tactics
he always brings networks and chats with action minded equals
We are in social unrest
Mother earth is paying a mighty test
And as we celebrate 50 happy birthdays
Lets dance, drink and mingle and put injustice and mundane
to a banging funky good looking melodic quest!
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