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Todger Tinker

I remember this poem – It was 2000 and someone said that I was thinking with my willy.  So I wrote this poem in my Ford Transit Van waiting for someone to drop off a delivery.

I think it’s silly
when people ring me
and tell me
I’m thinking with my willy

But in reality
my willy
is too small
to think at all

And the women around me
have bums & busts
which I do not lust
even though every year
your body rusts
from it’s prime

But me an time
get along fine
even though those anguishing un-patiences
pop up from time to time
…to tear

but with a little tender care
the pain I can bear
and get through the mare

I can’t do that
thinking with a willy
that is too small
to think at all

So it’s silly

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